What You Need to Know Before Choosing an ERP System

The successful implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system  has provoked considerable interest over the last few years. Although there is no shortage of reports on the success of ERP installations, many companies have  tossed millions of dollars in this direction with little to show for it.

Since many of the ERP failures today can be attributed to inadequate planning  prior to installation, we decided to ask one of our experts here at Monitor, Sales  Manager, Johan Holmsten, a few questions with regard to implementing a  successful ERP system for your company.

What are the five most important things to think about when choosing an ERP system for your company?

  1. The most important is to identify the bottlenecks and problems you have and make sure that your new ERP system has good solutions for them. It is also important to identify the strengths and competitive advantages in your business and make sure that your new ERP system can keep or increase your competitiveness in those areas.
  2. Set effective goals for your ERP system implementation. What are the effects in your business that you want to achieve with your new ERP system?
  3. Always make sure that the ERP system you choose has your industry in its target group. In other words, the ERP system should have standard functionality that covers your company’s needs with no or limited need for customization. This will ensure it is cost-effective over time, easy to upgrade, and easy to support.
  4. The implementation team from the ERP system supplier is just as important as the ERP system itself. The ERP system supplier has to have good implementation consultants with experience from similar industries, and they need to be able to understand your business, your needs, and your vision to be able to come up with the best solutions for you. Always check the track record of the ERP supplier, and ask for references!
  5. Always think long term when you choose your ERP system supplier. An ERP system is not something that you change every year; this will be a relationship for many years between supplier and company. Your ERP system supplier needs to be able to develop the product and supply services in the same direction that your company develops.

“We focus 100% on the manufacturing industry and have been doing so since the  start of 1974.”

What are the most important questions clients want to answer when choosing Monitor ERP?

Clients want to see that Monitor ERP can support all their processes in a good way,  and especially their core business. It is important for them that Monitor ERP can  meet their goals to give them a return on investment (ROI). Finally, they want to  feel secure that we have an experienced implementation team that can do the job  required.

What makes Monitor ERP System different from our competitors?

We focus 100% on the manufacturing industry and have been doing so since the  start of 1974. That means our product has an extremely wide and deep  functionality to cover the needs of different types of manufacturing companies. It  also means our staff has strong experience in manufacturing, so we speak your  language. We have nearly 5,000 customers, all in manufacturing, and they all use  the same standard system. That makes MONITOR fast and easy to implement,  easy to support, and easy to upgrade.

What does a company need to have in place in order to implement an ERP system?

To have the right internal project team in place. The project team should consist  of driven project managers and project members who are process owners.

The project team and the project manager also need to have the time needed for  the implementation. 

We can supply the rest!

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