Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing are still buzzwords for many SMEs. The fundamental way to embark on the smart manufacturing journey is to generate enough auto-generated, accurate, real-time data to be analyzed to make mission-critical decisions to enhance productivity and marketability.

There are many questions about the relevance and use of data or the reduction of human intervention, which make SMEs skeptical about embarking on a #smart manufacturing journey.

Smart4wrd is bringing you our 3rd Web Forum Series “SMART MANUFACTURING BEST PRACTICES”, which is the web forum where you may get more insights on how you can increase the availability, traceability, and optimizability of your data.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from your manufacturing counterpart, they will share their experience in project implementation!

Date: 3rd March 2022

Time: 3.30 PM

Platform: Zoom

Event Highlights:

  • Having An End Goal In Mind
  • Planning The Smart Manufacturing Journey
  • Controls and Decision Making

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