MIDF Automation & Digital Forum (Southern Region)

Hi my fellow friends, 

Thank you for your active participation in our recent MIDF Automation & Digital Forum (Southern Region) held at The TROVE Hotel, JB on 22
nd Aug 2023.

There were many sharing in all the 3-panel sessions including case studies which were presented by SHRDC, FSBM MES Elite, and
SmartB. I sincerely hope you have gotten the max out of the forum. It was a long day and some of you might have missed certain updates, support, and incentives. Let me list it down for you here.

1. 100% Fully Subsidized Industry 4.0 Training 

a. Several million of the allocated budget for the Rise4wrd programme is still available for application. Please do contact us if you already have your Industry4wrd Readiness Assessment Report. The Programme will likely close for application in Oct 2023. Act now!

2. National Industrial Master Plan or NIMP 2030

a. There will be a number of policies related to Automation, Digitalisation, and ESG under the segment of Tech Up and Green Up. Do note these sections when the announcement is made end of the month or early Sept.

3. The Malaysia Smart Manufacturing Awards 2023

a. Awards are open for nomination. Please visit www.msma.com.my to nominate your company if you have embarked on some Automation and Digital Transformation projects involving the Industry 4.0 Technology pillars.

4. Financing rates are 4% and below.

a. MIDF has various financing schemes for your operation and development plan. Do look into the website https://www.growyourbusiness.com.my/ or contact us to link you to the right officers to help.

5. Begin your Smart Manufacturing Journey

a. Still unsure where and how to start? Smart4wrd is extending digital transformation advice. If you are committed to transforming, Smart4wrd is committed to lending its hand. Please contact Mr. Allan Lau -Digital Transformation Consultant at Mr. Allan at 011 5624 2768 allan@bizsphere.com.my or Book a FREE Smart Manufacturing Consultation here!     

6. Benefit from Smart4wrd Business Community

a. Smart4wrd is planning for numerous knowledge-sharing activities including factory visits, digital transformation clinics, online and WhatsApp close community support groups, government incentives updates etc.

b. Please register to be a member of the community to stay connected. https://bit.ly/Smart4wrdCommunity

7. Branding and Marketing to Differentiate Yourselves

a. BIZSPHERE is a strategic branding, marketing, and SME transformation consultation firm.

We have helped many local brands strategise and differentiate themselves. Brand Strategies development, marketing communication campaigns, email marketing, brand training/workshops, and government assistance
programmes are some of our core services.

8. Interest-free Insurance Financing

a. Cofundr has launched the KitaCover programme to ease the cash flow burden of paying huge sums of insurance premiums at a go. Please visit www.kitacover.com click on request for proposal and key in the Introducer name: BIZSPHERE to get priority services.

b. You can also email me to help you with the above.


9. Protect your Intellectual Property

a. We have invested much into our proprietary designs and ideas, our brands and our innovative ideas. Let’s not forget to protect it.

b. Intellect Worldwide who is one of the exhibitors in the forum is a strategic parent of BIZSPHERE and has committed to helping BIZSPHERE and Smart4wrd Business Community with priority support to offer clarity and registration on their intellectual property rights. 

10. Photos of the Event

We have uploaded some of the event photos into Bizsphere Facebook Album. You can access it via this link

I was at the event without my business cards as they ran out the day before.
I’m very sorry if I missed the chance to engage and exchange views on your
smart manufacturing journey. I have attached my 
bizcard attached or scan the QR Code here. Let’s stay connected.


Looking forward to meet again. Maybe for coffee? Please email to marketing@bizsphere.com.my should you need any assistance from the above.



Yours Truly,
Yap Keng Teck
Managing Consultant of Bizsphere
Programme Director of Smart4wrd

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