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SmartB means Smarter Business, and we are a solution provider which  specializes in Digital Transformation, aiming to help our clients grow. 

Apart from cloud inventory software, consulting is also one of the main  services we provide, which includes: 

  • Digitization Consulting 
  • Production Costing Consulting
Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)
Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA)

We Provide Factory Automation & Digitalization Solution for SME Industry

The company registered in MATRADE (546918) and an associate member of Productivity and Innovation from MPC (2021-00001/26.01.2021) to provide Factory Automation and Digitalization solution for SME industry.

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The benefits of SmartB are having a platform to cross-check data and help to identify problems quickly. With the mobile app, workers are no longer required to manually record stock details. Instead, we just need to scan the barcodes during delivery. We are also able to check the weight of goods from scanning, without any miscalculations.
Mr Choo, Warehouse Manager
Diyou Fibre
There are so many benefits after we implemented SmartB. The process of tracking products from warehouse to stockists can now be done in less than 5 minutes, which previously took 30 minutes to complete. We now are able to do daily tracking which helps to manage the storage space and reduce wastage efficiently.
Dr Azwan, Director
V'Asia Cosmetic & Healthcare
Generally speaking, what I liked about working with Alwin is that he is accommodating to the client's requirements and his excellence in problem solving. Other than that, the SmartB system is user-friendly and affordable with value for money.
Mr Cheong San Wai, Finance Manager
Speed Concrete

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Diyou Fibre Mr Choo

The digital journey with Diyou Fibre. This was a challenging path that we took when we started and it was well worth it. We could not have done any better without a true collaboration with Diyou Fibre.

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