A new level of efficiency at Aemulus – "Worth every single cent"

“I started the company in 2004, almost 15 years ago. We have grown from a firm  of just three employees to a workforce of 130 people today. We realized that  things we had done in the past no longer worked,” said Sang Beng Ng, CEO of  Aemulus Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

“We used to have up to 20 overlooked, delayed, or non-updated orders per day.  With Monitor, we have now reduced this to one in two weeks. So far, we have  reduced headcounts by 15%, while maintaining similar productivity.

The  integration of Monitor into our manufacturing environment was well assisted,  informed, and trained. It took a while, but was worth every single cent. The staff  who managed this migration project were awarded the highest Admiral’s Award.”

One of the major challenges faced by manufacturers is to meet delivery dates  consistently. Even under normal circumstances, achieving on-time deliveries is a  daunting task that requires careful planning and cooperation from all parties in  the manufacturing process – even more so in the current crisis. 

Today we are picking the brains of Mr. Ng Sang Beng, CEO of Aemulus Corporation  Sdn. Bhd., on how his organization achieves on-time deliveries despite disrupted  supply chains during this pandemic period. 

Aemulus Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is a developer of automated semiconductor  testers based in Penang. Mr. Ng founded the company back in 2004, and it has  grown from employing just three people 16 years ago to around 130 people today.  It used to have up to 20 overlooked, delayed, or non-updated orders per day, and  a lot of time was wasted on communication. 

That was before it started using MONITOR. Let’s find out how MONITOR ERP has  helped it to achieve on-time deliveries for the past two years, and how it is  assisting in the current crisis. 

Could you Elaborate on How an Integrated System like MONITOR has Helped to Improve your on-time Delivery (OTD)?

“We track OTD by looking at the number of delayed issue tickets. Having used  MONITOR for two years, we have reduced delivery issues from 300 a month to  less than 10 a month today.

How has the MCO Affected your OTD, and How do you Maintain OTDs During this Period?

“To maintain this number of OTDs during MCO is a great challenge. However, we  have managed to keep delivery issues to below 20. With many staff working from  home, MONITOR becomes even more crucial. All communications, discussions  and exchange of information rely on MONITOR, now more than ever.”

How are you Able to Manage and Control your OTD in this Crisis with both your Supply and Capacity being Disrupted? What Poses the Greatest Challenge at Present?

“This question turns out to be an easy one. Without the dashboard provided by  MONITOR, our production would literally come to a standstill! During the MCO,  when many of our suppliers are not allowed to operate at full capacity, Monitor  acts as our eyes and ears in order to track the updates or changes in arrival of  parts. 

“The system itself is equipping us for Industry 4.0. Data-driven checkpoints and  statuses are all necessary indices to manage while we work from home.”

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