4 Guaranteed Major Cost Savings

Freak out by the initial investment that you may need to use an ERP system? Had enough of ADMIN and PAPERWORK which end up costing your more money? Are you tired of going through piles and piles of administrative tasks month after month? And you are at the point of avoiding the word “Month End”, “Reporting” or “Submission”.

Sending out the same invoices to the same customers everyone month/quarter? Having to wait for your bank statement for weeks before you realise that you made a transaction error?

If yes to any of the questions above, than you want to seriously consider SmartB as a business tool for you. That’s because, when you start using our SmartB software, you can expect 4 major cost and time savings (or more) for your business.

And that’s a guarantee.

We want to help businesses be smarter by helping you streamline the most mundane and repeatable tasks. And we’re not even removing the work from you, we’re just automating it so that you can focus on Reviewing your business and not just Processing information.

With that, here are few Powerful ways to reduce your business overheads:

1. Remove Repeatable Tasks

Let’s say you have kindergarten and you need to invoice 100 clients every month and you need to prepare the invoices manually. How much time would you spend doing that? Quite a long and tedious job, isn’t it?

With SmartB, we can automate this process for you and your clients gets a fully customisable email from you.. And you don’t even have to open your computer to do it.

And the great this is that you can do this for most clients in similar situation.

2. Debt Management

Many business owners’ focuses on sales but forget about managing payment collection. Why? That’s because they don’t really know which customer owes them money. This especially true if you have to wait for you bank statements to arrive or you have to manually check your transactions to confirm the outstanding payments.

When you have access to our receivable dashboard, you get to see and manage your collections almost instantly (and you’re only able to do that because of our bank feed feature).

3. Reduced Cost of Storing Your Data

With a cloud solution, SmartB effectively allows you to take advantage of the long list of benefits of using the Cloud – including the flexible cost of data storage to accommodate your business. That means, your capital investment is greatly reduced as you do not need to invest in any local servers, storage spaces or even worry of the extra spaces required for backups. That’s because all these are already included for you in your subscription.

Again, there’s a fair amount of hidden cost (below) that is either removed or reduced from your overheads.

4. Reduce Hidden Cost - Human Mistakes

One of the biggest cost savings that you can have actually comes from the huge reduction in Human Mistakes. This is especially true during peak time like “Month End” and “Submission” periods. Many businesses face the challenges of having to reduce business overheads but failed to the see that the cost savings comes from reducing the amount your time you need to process your business information.

With SmartB, we aim to reduce your business cost by reducing the time you need to process information and increase the time you having for a Quality Review of your business. In fact, when you do that, you will naturally fix any issues as you go and you are fixing it while it’s still fresh (as opposed to fixing it 3-6 months later when you probably need to spend time refreshing yourself about it).

How cool is that?


With SmartB, Time and Cost savings is just the first step. Ultimately, it’s about having a smarter business.

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