Collaborative Initiative to Accelerate The Journey Towards Smart Manufacturing
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Get insights in to how Industry 4.0 may address your manufacturing pain points, guiding you on the potential ROI from Industry 4.0 and what’s the latest development around the world and Malaysia.

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Adopting Industry 4.0 is a journey. We know that it brings long term competitive advantages to business growth. But where shall we begin with? What will be the best practices that can guide us through?

Unsure Where to Start

Unsure Where to Start

Pain Points Identified

Looking for Right Partner(s)

Looking for Right Partner(s)

Choose your right path taking reference from expert sharing

Industry 4.0 Drivers

Industry 4.0 Case Studies

Latest Videos

ADAAI Manufacturing Operation Management System

The ERP system implementation process is a complex set of steps along with comprehensive system functionality. It’s important to get implementation right the first time to avoid wasting time, money, and other resources. ADAAI – MOMS is software solution designed to help manufacturers digitize and automate your business operations in...

ICA40 Professional Services

ICA40 provides consultation, coaching and training to manufacturing industry. We have conducted training for lean management, 5S, industrial data analytic, smart factory transformation to the government agency and many private organisations. We focus on building relationships with our client to promote mutual growth and strong partnership, and ensure customer...

SHRDC Corporate Video

SHRDC is an ISO certified, non profit and award-winning talent and skills development centre established by the Government and industry in 1992 to appropriately skill Malaysians for a sustainable pool of highly skilled, innovative, and flexible workers for Malaysia’s successful transition towards digital economy for companies and businesses.

Government Policy & Support

Various frameworks, policies, programmes, incentives and support has been put in place to drive the advancement of businesses ready for the digital economy. What’s available and What’s in it for you? Dive in to take advantage of the incentives.

RiSE4WRD for Industry4WRD

RiSE4WRD for Industry4WRD is HRD Corp’s initiative to support the national agenda of embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). This programme is designed to assist SMEs in the manufacturing and related sectors that have participated in the Readiness...

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Industry4WRD Incentives from MIDA

There are 2 grants available for manufacturers to embark into the smart manufacturing journey through the adoption of Industry 4.0 namely Industry4WRD Intervention Fund and Industry4WRD Domestic Investment Strategic Fund.

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About Smart4wrd

Smart4wrd is an initiative to address manufacturers concerns and challenges to adopt Industry 4.0. It is a collaborative partnership of manufacturers, technology and solution providers, trade industry associations and relevant government agencies. Knowledge Centre

The National Policy on Industry 4.0 for Malaysia to drive digital transformation of the manufacturing and related services sectors in Malaysia

Industry 4.0

Initiatives to address manufacturers to adopt Industry 4.0

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